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brushAll five members of our family have been patients of Dr. Penny Belke for two decades. Excellent care in a low-key, friendly, atmosphere. I have always appreciated how accommodating the office has been about getting college kids in for visits on short notice. I think the staff missed a few lunches to fit us in!

brushWe are delighted with the addition of Dr. Belke’s daughter, Katherine Borello, D.D.S., to her staff. She provides the same proficient care as her Mother. As a recent dental school graduate, she is familiar with all of the newest techniques available in dentistry.

brush Going to this dental office is an enjoyable event. Really!

brushDr. Belke has been our family’s dentist for over 20 years. We have always appreciated that procedures have only been done when necessary. Yet any emergency has been taken care of immediately. If you are looking for a professional dental practice I would recommend Drs. Belke & Borello.

brushWhat a team these two make!!!!!

brushIt is very comforting for a patient to be able to not only trust the advice given by these two medical professionals, but also feel that they are really looking out for the patients best interests. They care and they have the skill to provide that care to
the best value for the patient. Thanks Dr. Penny and Dr. Kathy.

brushIn the mid 1980's we asked a friend about a good dentist--- she referred us to Dr. Penny Belke. That was the beginning of having our dental needs cared for by a confident, compassionate, and extremely skilled dentist.

When we moved to Florida in 1998---we really appreciated what we had left behind, trying to duplicate the care and skill Dr. Penny exhibits was impossible and we often arranged appointments with her during our family visits in Wheaton. None of the dentists we tried in Florida could measure up to level of care and concern for the patient that Dr Penny always shows. However, they did all compliment Maddie on the beautiful 'gold' work---which Dr Penny had done before we moved away.

Upon our return to Wheaton in 2007 it was a given that we would once again be seeing Dr Penny for all our dental needs. Now the practice has grown, we have a new option for excellent dental care as Dr. Kathy Borello (Dr. Penny's daughter) has joined the practice. The apple did not fall far from the tree! Dr. Kathy has shown herself to be as patient orientated and as capable as her mother.